Best Grants Pass Lodgings: How Do They Enhance Their Guests Experience at Arrivals

Most Lodgings would manage a guest’s arrival but not really do anything out of the ordinary for which guests would remember them by. Fortunately, Grants Pass Lodging lodging hotels are different in that they do not just perform routine jobs.

Right from the time you obtain a booking confirmation as to when the guests arrive, they are always on their toes to meet certain expectations.

What makes the hospitality industry stand out is providing a commendable welcome to all guests upon their arrival. Even the Lodging services offered in the Grants Pass region need to match the value and preferences of their guest’s values to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Besides, a guest’s whole staying over at a Lodging experience begins with bookings and arrivals.

How Top Lodgings Improve Their Guests Experience

Offering an easy booking process that is linked to a discount comes as a pleasant surprise for a potential visitor. Just how do they find your Lodging in the first place? Usually, the search starts online where the user would come across a list of Lodgings in Grants Pass they’ve been looking for. It is basically a case of having the Lodging’s site listed on OTAs, GDS, and meta-search engines as it makes it easier for guests to find them. The management needs to ensure they are available to take inquiries and bookings on the phone.

Lodging motel owners need to offer something their competitors do not by providing attractive packages and deals to attract holidaymakers and also simplify their decision-making process.

Knowing what the guests want.

It is essential to understand and perceive the purpose of the guest’s visit; whether they are on a leisure visit, on a business trip, what their food preferences are, and if anyone staying over is allergic to anything. Based on the data provided at the time of the booking, the Lodging owners can offer vouchers to either casual sightseeing or a museum.

Lodging owners may even gain extra revenue by offering unique amenities in the form of a steam or spa bath that will enhance their guests experience once they arrived after being on a long-hectic journey. To provide a welcome drink seems to be a must nowadays. Also, they could ask the guests if they want a morning wake-up call and a hearty breakfast to freshen them up for the day ahead. This can be done by sending an email a day or two before the expected arrival time.

The Beauty of Pre-arrival Emails

To create a formidable first impression, Lodging owners would do well to mail off pre-arrival emails to make their guests feel welcome ahead of time. Things like the location of the Lodging may be added to ensure the visitor experiences no difficulty in reaching their destination. It is an outstanding way to build rapport and strengthen the relationship between the Lodging management and the guests. The guest may feel more inclined to notify them of one or the other special request they would like offered.

Managing Early Check-ins

Lodgings often come across a situation where they get a call from guests a few days before the estimated time of arrival. On this call, they state they will arrive 2 to 3 hours early. What is the best thing to do when this happens? Should the guests just wait until it is the right time? Why not go the extra mile and arrange an early check-in? To offer guests an early-check-in option with no surcharge will be the sensible thing to do.

Even more impressive would be to have the Lodging’s maintenance staff go up to the Lodging room with their checklist and tick of that the lights, AC, bed, TV, and intercom are all in excellent working order. Once the staff member gives the go-ahead, the host hands over the keys to the Lodging room.

Pickup service offer

Knowing when the guests are about to arrive, may put it in the mind of the Lodging owner to provide a pickup service in the event the guests arrive by plane or another form of transport other than their own.

Providing the latest technology will put Grants Pass Lodging owners in a favorable position with tech-savvy guests.