How Commercial Landscaping Medford Oregon Experts Will Assist Setting up a Pond

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http://medfordlandscapingpros.comCommercial property owners love the thought of numerous ponds around their premises. To make it happen, they would need expert design wisdom offered by commercial landscaping professionals in Medford Oregon.

What comes to mind when you witness beautiful fish ponds? No doubt, you think of warm weather, gorgeous sunshine on a resort on the beach, where you sit next to a stunning waterfall, watching the sunset.

koi fish

Often, what would complete your whole experience for both you and your visitors would be bountiful koi ponds everywhere. We are talking about orange fish, blackfish, and glimmering white one. No doubt, the most tranquil, inspiring and peaceful commercial landscapes would incorporate a fish pond somewhere.

You may wonder what it takes to design a koi pond on your business premises. Medford Landscaping Pros was ready to offer helpful guidance as they had a hand in dozens of projects that involved the setup of a lavish koi pond that was the size of a swimming pool.

Just like indoor aquariums, designing a fish pond is not for the faint of heart. They involve plenty of time and effort, as well as due diligence in getting them set up.

Furthermore, setting up fish ponds turn out to be budget-draining and time-consuming. However, the payoff is indeed worth the wait. If you have a weekend to spares, then your commercial landscaper can design you a pond for just over $2,500.

Follow along as we discuss what you’ll need for building a pond

Digging Holes

To have a pond, you will require a hole, but a big one. Commercial landscaping contractors will use specialized machinery for the task. Many landscapers opt for deeper holes, but it would depend on the aesthetics you are looking for. Both deep and shallow ponds have benefits and disadvantages.

Hiring a Commercial Landscaper in Medford to Set Up the Pond for Your Premises

Now that we are on the subject let’s talk about the pros of shallower and deeper ponds.

Shallower Ponds

One would require fewer materials, and less work is involved when excavating ground for a shallow pond. Therefore, you will save on backaches and costs, unless you have a commercial landscaping medford or landscaper pro doing it for you.

You will get a much better view of the koi in your pond if its only one foot to 18 inches in size.

Lily pads tend to thrive at this depth as they cannot grow in deeper water.

Smaller ponds would take up less space and often makes a big statement concerning design functionality.

Benefits to Digging Deeper Ponds

The fish grows in relation to the space they are in. Koi fish can quickly reach 3 feet and will soon reach its full potential once you place it in a 5-foot pond.

Fish get sick a lot easier in shallow ponds as they have to swim around with higher concentrations of their waste. Deeper ponds equate to cleaner water and more water volume. As a result, the fish are healthier, which makes it so much easier to maintain a proper chemical balance.

The deeper pond makes it harder for predators such as cats, raccoons, and birds to target the fish. It sure wouldn’t be cool to lose a $5,000 koi fish.

Lining the Hole

Were you aware that dirt holes do not retain water all that well? Due to this, you have to line the depression. The most popular methods used nowadays, include rubber liners, concrete spray, and plastic tubs.

What comes to mind when you make use of a commercial application is Gunite, which is a spray concrete they use to line pools.

While Gunite is durable and long-lasting, you would require the expertise of an expert landscaper to install it. The cost to do so range in the region of $5,000 for an average-size pond.

However, that shouldn’t be an issue for a commercial business owner.

Why not add an aesthetically pleasing landscape to surround your pond on the business premises? Landscapers are sure to include decking, plants, and rocks too.

The moment you have everything set up and looking stunning, it is time to add your water, check the temperature and chemical balance before adding the fish.

Speak to Medford Landscaping Pros about designing your pond for Medford Commercial Landscaping.