Find a Quick Way to Enjoy Rogue River Rafting

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The central parts of the Rogue River boast some of the best Rogue River rafting adventures in Idaho and Orange Torpedo Trips are willing to help you experience a quick way of making the most of your new founded water adventures

Whether you are out looking for a half-day or a multi-day rafting trip on board the Rogue River with your family, these outfitters got the goods in that they put together some of the most incredible family-based vacations to suit any budget or level of rafting experience.

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Rogue River Rafting – Orange Torpedo Experience Worth Paying Homage To

At certain times of the year, the Rogue River runs very strong. Therefore, many rafters, both the inexperienced and the experienced, appreciate the concern that is demonstrated by rafting experts such as Orange Torpedo Trips.

Follow along as we relate the experience had by some rafters, both beginners, and the more skilled ones.

“My family had so much fun and excitement, but not at the expense of what we were comfortable in participating. We had the privilege of the most skilled company who cautioned our group to avoid a section of the river that they felt were too risky and uncomfortable.

Everyone in the group was impressed with the super clean campsite and the neatness of the equipment presented during the stayover. We could also not find any fault with the well-prepared food and superb company of our rafting outfitters.”

“We formed part of a bigger crowd who opted for the multi-day trip that allowed us to get to know the river guides closely. The guys were extremely professional and offered to assist whenever needed the most. The river was exceptional on all levels. We are keen to return and bring along some of our best friends next time around. Most outfitter companies simply shuttle you in and out; However, these guys offer a personal touch like we haven’t experienced yet.”

“Last year’s rafting experience on the Rogue was our best yet! We experienced a treat like never before when we finally made up our mind to opt for a once in a lifetime river rafting adventure on board the Rogue River. We found the quickest way to make the most of your rafting adventure is to go for a half day trip.

Right from the word go our rafting group who commissioned to practice a few safety drills, so everyone knew exactly what to expect at any time. Orange Torpedo Trips spared no expense to make us feel welcomed and safe, including top quality rafting gear, toasty and warm facilities, and making a delicious cup of hot coffee at the end of our trip.”

Orange Torpedo Trips are always excited to offer an adventurous outdoor family run adventure that would include whitewater rafting, classic camp games, and more.

Take full advantage of this once in a lifetime experience to unplug and connect with those closest to you.

What You Take With You When Rafting the Rogue River

The team at Orange Torpedo will provide you with wetsuits, booties, and gloves. You will be outfitted with a life jacket, helmet, and windbreaker as well.

If you are game for a quick way to enjoy a river rafting adventure, then you need some of the following gear:

  • Bathing suit or shorts
  • Extra towel and clothing
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent
  • Water bottle and water resistant camera

If you wish to spend a night or two, then you must bring:

  • Sleeping bags or blankets
  • Extra water and pillows
  • Snacks
  • Extra clothing to cope with chilled evenings
  • Toiletries and flashlights

Orange TORPEDO Trips have enough expertise to cover various facets of whitewater and stand up paddling. They are fully equipped with rigid rafts and inflatable kayaks to cater for all ages and experience levels.