Understanding Your Frisco Roofing Replacement Estimate

You have decided it’s time for new roofing. Different roofers have provided you with estimates. How do you know which is right for you? It is crucial to gain an understanding of what the contractor is proposing when deciding on your roof replacement. Usually, you will come across a range of different Frisco roofing products included on the quotes. You can visit¬†Carsa Construction – Frisco

Let’s take a look at the various roofing components


The main item of any roof replacement estimate would be the roofing materials used. The estimate will make provision for the type and manufacturer of the shingles the contractor wants to use. You will also get an idea of the style in which the dimensional and architectural shingles are the most popular.

Shingles are attractive in that it mimics the look of other roofing materials like tile or slate. It might even include color choices.


Should your roof have walls, dormers, and chimneys, then you will notice flashing on the estimate. What is the purpose of flashing? It prevents water from making its way underneath the shingles that may result in water damages.

Flashing is made up of galvanized steel or aluminum. Many roofers fashion their own flashing using sheet metal. You would install it over wall construction and joints in the roofing. Possible areas where you will find it include edges, decks, porches, pipes, skylights, dormers, windows, valleys, and chimneys.

Ensure it gets installed correctly to prevent unnecessary damages.


This is one component that needs to be included on every roof replacement. Underlayment serves as a protective material between plywood and shingles or between the roof deck.

Roof manufacturers continuously develop new underlayment technology. Modern-day synthetic underlayment also increases the ease, effectiveness, and safety that will also increase longevity. Some manufacturers developed green and organic underlayment products.

It is usually suggested one makes use of underlayment from the same manufacturers that made your shingles as they need to work together.

Contractors will select the best underlayment type for your roofing replacement project that would be based on the climate and type of roof you have.

Drip Edge

The use of drip edge is often overlooked when it comes to handling a roofing or re-roofing project. Even when manufacturers suggest the use of it, and they require it for the warranty to be valid, some roofing contractors choose not to include drip edge on their quotes.

Drip edge is metal strips that you would apply to rakes, eaves, or along gutter lines. It serves to prevent water from seeping under the shingles while it protects fascia. When correctly applied, it will lengthen the life of your roof and protect your roof from water damages.

asphalt shingle roof

Ice and Water Shield

The sole purpose of any roof is to safeguard your home from outside elements like ice, rain, wind, etc.

Just about any residential roofing project will make provision for ice and water protection and will most likely appear on the estimate. To have ice and water barriers installed on your roof will promote proper water flow which prevents damages caused by rainstorms and winds as well as ice build-up referred to as ice dams. When applied to the plywood roof deck is serves as a second line of defense to your underlayment.

One would have to apply the barrier to what you would consider being the most vulnerable sections of the roof. Frisco Roofing contractors may recommend that you apply ice and water barriers around chimneys and areas where you would likely find leaks.


These can be seen as an angle formed by the meeting up of two sloped roof planes to accommodate water runoff. Due to the volume of water passing through this area of the roof, it is vital to think about how you would protect the area when you replace an asphalt shingle roof.

There are different methods used for shingling the area using dimensional asphalt roofing materials. The first of these would be closed cut valleys where shingles from one side of the valley extend all the way across the valley while shingles on the opposite side would be trimmed back a couple of inches from the centerline of the valley.

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